Reviews of our Films to Schools programme

"It was useful having an outside agency come in to talk to the children as it supports the messages we say in school but presented in a slightly different way."


"An appropriate length for children of this age, although they could have coped with it being slightly longer."


"Fits with our ethos of inclusive, particularly as we have children with both physical disabilities and disabilities which are less visible."


Great Binfields Infant School

"Children were engaged throughout, because of the stories that were on offer to them."


"The children could understand what it was like to be different."


"I enjoyed the videos of children with a wide range of disabilities."


"Very well organised, everything was ready within five minutes of entering the room."


Hatch Warren Junior School

"The team were incredibly well organised, with all their own resources."


"I think you were careful to strike the right balance between presentation and the children's feedback time."


"The team were interested in the children's answers and spent time going around to speak to individual children."


"The resources were one of the reasons I wanted the sessions to take place in school - they were of high quality."


"I think you were absolutely the best placed people to respond to the children's answers. As a teacher, you are mindful about not saying the wrong thing, so having you guys as a lead was useful."


"The children found it very interesting (as did the teachers!)."



North Waltham School